Tiger. Again.

This is being posted out of a sense of completeness.

This is the third (and we all hope) final edit of a cropped picture of a tiger.

I am surprised by how good tigers look, no matter what some ham-fisted, photoshop wielding guy does with its image.




2 thoughts on “Tiger. Again.

  1. I think its something to do with symmetry that they look so good. With such a beautiful face, you wonder what he/she is thinking. Which zoo was it? Chester is our nearest good one. I liked the bat room!

  2. It was Dudley Zoo, which is very old and in some areas very outdated. But they have a baby Orangutan (which I assume was born there), so they are doing well in some areas. And of course this tiger, which I think is a fairly recent addition (they have two, but only one was posing for the camera).

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