Tiger Experiment.

I took a trip to the local zoo yesterday and took a few snaps.

The actual color version will get an outing in the near future, but I have been experimenting with photoshop.

I have a burning question about this.

Is this effort rubbish?

I am honestly not sure if I have created an interesting and moody portrait of a tiger, or have simply ruined the original.

So what does the internet have to say?

Totally stupid, ruined, pointless or passable?

Honest opinions welcome.


12 thoughts on “Tiger Experiment.

      • As a photographer, I want to try and capture the image in camera, and not with computer work. But if you want to be a digital artist, then thats different. Me, I want to spend my time being a photographer. I try and learn from every subject I shoot. That is the only way we get better. That was why I was suggesting if you crop the tiger vertically, you’ll have a more dynamic image. Try it. (You don’t have to post this comment if you don’t want. I was just trying to help.) Take care.

      • I agree with you. I would greatly prefer the original picture to be right, rather than messing around in photoshop. That said, I quite like messing around in photoshop. I quite like both aspects of producing an image. I actually have another picture or two cropped more vertically, but it’s the main strength and weakness of the duotone theme…it’s only ever one pic at a time. I think subjects like this (multiple variants of a few images) don’t lend themselves to the duotone theme. I might change it soon.

        And I am always greatfull for criticisms and constructive advice, I learn more from my errors than from whatever successes I have (or feel I have).

        Thank you for commenting, and feel free to offer any and all advice and criticsms.

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