50th Post. And a Green Tree Python.

Right then.

How best  to celebrate the 50th entry into this illustrious blog?

Firstly a quick comment on the photo above.  It’s an old picture of my favourite snake (that I own).  He (it’s probably a he) is a Green Tree Python and is about 6 ish now. The photo was taken when he was about 2.

I have noticed that this blog takes some time to navigate around, and frankly almost no one does.

To try to remedy that, this entry will from now on be linked to many of my posts, and it shall be updated and changed as and when I feel the need.

So consider the following links my selected highlights of the contents of the blog.

Blog owners choice.



Links to beach posts added.


Irish Beachy Goodness, with added moodiness.

Enniscrone Beach.

Irish Sea and a Tiny Surfer.

More Irish Beach.

Life’s a Beach.

Sligo Surfers.


Mountainous Peaks of Snowdonia.

Top of the World!


Welsh and Woody

Welsh and Woodier. Betws-y-Coed.

Weekend in Llangollen.

Llangollen and a Superstar!

Welsh Mountain Mine. On a Mountain. In Wales.

Zoo Beasts!

The Eagle has Landed!

A Wolf and Photoshop.

Rhino Safari! At a Safari Park!

Dwarf Crocodile at Bristol Zoo.


Salzburg From on High

Moody Salzburg


34 thoughts on “50th Post. And a Green Tree Python.

  1. Hi there,I couldn’t find an About page so I thought I would leave you a message here on your 50th Post Page instead. Thanks for stopping by my blog http://moreimagesfromme.wordpress.com and for leaving the likes, they are appreciated 🙂 If you have chance, please take a look at my main blog http ://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.com . You have some great images here, so i will follow and enjoy as time goes by. Thanks Mark

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