Bald Eagle. (Insert Snappy Title Here).

Another shot from my little photo shoot at Hagleys Falconry Centre.

It is of course a Bald Eagle (in fact, the same chap as yesterdays post).

After my first attempt taking photos of these birds I was a little frustrated that they refused to look at me while I was snapping away.  They aren’t stupid and I suspect they see a lot of those strange human apes with cameras…and I would not be surprised if the raptors got some pleasure out of looking away at just that crucial moment.

But my probably imagined avian paranoia aside, I was truly hampered by that bright midday sun.

A little Photoshop has (perhaps) helped, but one side of the bird’s head is very shadowed, and one is overly bright.

But he is giving me the intense eagle stare I wanted.

Is it obvious that I really like these birds?


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