Bald Eagle Striking a Pose.

In my last entry  I referred to my current favourite place to take photos (the Falconry Centre) at Hagley in the West Midlands having Bald Eagles.

I may also have mentioned that I utterly failed to even get one half decent picture of them.

But I have returned to the Falconry Centre with but one mission, a quest if you will.

I would not leave without at least one half decent, non blurry picture of that noble eagle.

Although it is not entirely for me to judge…I believe I captured two images worthy of that winged creature.

I also learned that midday photography is only really possible by luck rather than judgement.  The sun plays havoc with strong shadows and overblown whites.  Not to mention my little screen on my aging 400d is next to impossible to use in such bright conditions.

I may well return for a third time, but aim for early morning or late afternoon.  That should help greatly with the light.

Although the sun was not helping with the Bald Eagle, I did have some nice cloud cover for a few other birds, so a smattering of avian pictures will follow.


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