The Eagle Landed…Again!

I am really fond of Golden Eagles, they are amazing looking birds.

This one was a total pain to photo, he refused to look even vaguely in my direction when I was trying to photograph him.

When I put the camera down…then he would give me a nice intense stare (that would have made for a great photo).

Either he was bothered by my shiny white 70-200l lens, or he was taking sadistic pleasure in denying me the shot I wanted.

I shall return and try again!

I realise that I never mentioned the actual place I took this and other snaps.

Webbs of Hagley Garden Centre have The Falconry Centre on site.

If you are at all local to the West Midlands in the UK….Go visit!


4 thoughts on “The Eagle Landed…Again!

  1. Beautiful range of browns. A very nice shot despite it’s lack of co-operation. I know the bird looking up and you need space above it because of that, but those light patches are distracting and could be cropped while still leaving space above. This is a minor point….. the photo has really lovely detail.

    • Thank you, and your right. I knew I had left it to long/high but had forgotten to do anything about that. I somehow hadn’t seen the two distracting blobs…two close to my own photo I guess.

      Thanks for commenting.

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