Auschwitz, Birkenau.

I fear I might be about to sound pretentious.

But I have genuinely been unsure whether to post this (and the following) photographs.  I like this blog hobby, I like watching the stats slowly rise, the subscribers slowly increasing.  I like it when people comment and I like it when a post/photo gets “liked”.

But that all seems a little crass when the subject is Auschwitz. 1-4 million Jews died , but at least my blog gets a few hits!

So it is possible I am being overly sensitive, and it’s very possible I am being very pretentious indeed.

I have seven photos I intend to share, and the nature of the Duotone theme means I cannot do so in one neat post (a definite downside to this blog theme).  Or at least, if it is possible my computer ineptness prevents me from figuring out how.

So seven posts over seven days.

A little back story then.

On that honeymoon in 2010 we (my wife and I) went to Krakow.  This town is a lovely place and is highly recommended by myself.  While there we took a tour to Auschwitz.  Perhaps not ideal for a honeymoon, but it would be unlikely that we would be in the neighborhood again…so we took the opportunity and went to a feared concentration camp.

There is much I could say, but frankly (and clichéd though it may well be), my words could never really do the place justice.

There are one or two anecdotes I will mention, but they will have to wait until further posts.

So here is the link to the Auschwitz Wiki.

And I will leave it there for now.


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