Farewell to Salzburg.

This is almost certainly the last photograph of Salzburg that I shall post up here on this blog, and it is a bit of an experiment.

Obviously I have had a little play in Photoshop (Elements) with the black and white look, and I am not sure if the effect works.

I find that after a while of staring intently at an image, tweaking things in Photoshop and then tweaking them further some months down the line it becomes impossible (for me) to be able to tell if the original photo is any good.  The image becomes more about which colour tweak I did or what crop works best than a basic idea of the quality of the shot itself.

Which in part is why I have this blog in the first place, if random people on the internet can’t be relied upon to be critical then I would be disappointed.

Some points of interest in the photo, the castle (as featured here and here and there) is sitting high up in the distance.  And that bridge I am told features in the film Sound of Music.

So that is it for Salzburg, it’s been an interesting experience revisiting that July in 2010 and the three days I spent there.  While Salzburg was not the end (or even the beginning) of that 15 days of traveling around Europe, it was my favourite place.

But looking at these photos has also been a little frustrating.  Why didn’t I take more pictures of the castle?  Why didn’t I take better photos of the Mirabelle Gardens.  I could easily have taken a shot like the first image in that link, I stood where that nameless photographer stood and didn’t take a photo.

The images I did take were, frankly, rubbish.

But, taking a more positive outlook, I think that I would be less inclined to miss easy opportunities in the future…I hope it’s a lesson learned.

So farewell Salzburg 2010.  It was nice returning, even if only in memory and blog.


2 thoughts on “Farewell to Salzburg.

  1. This is a great image and I like your composition because of the placing of the major divisions. The picture has good clarity. Perhaps the castle is just a touch too bold or contrasty, but only a tad. From a close look I am assuming that you are not working with raw files. The danger of working with a jpeg is that gently graduated tones in the sky start to band if you do too much to them. Monochromes really ought to be from the raw file, it gives you much more flexibility. I hope you don’t mind my observations, you do say “if random people on the internet can’t be relied upon to be critical then I would be disappointed.” Though I would rather not be considered critical….. LOL 🙂

  2. I honestly welcome any thoughts and criticisms.
    I always work from RAWs these days, but I was less up to speed when this was taken. So only jpeg files. Which is obviously irritating now.
    I was relying on random people to be critical when I started this blog, but for the most part people are being very nice. Which is great for the ego, but it doesn’t do the photography any good. lol.

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