A Wolf and Photoshop.

It has been a busy few weeks recently, and life has interrupted any photographic pretensions I have had.

But sometimes these things force a bit of creativity.

I am still learning my way around Photoshop (Elements 7.0),  and it is somewhat enlightening to go back to a previous photo and try to improve it.

This photo is a cropped and color enhanced version of this post.

The colors on the original version are actually much closer to the dreary UK day it was.

But this version is obviously a bit warmer and brighter.

The purist in me prefers the original, that is much closer to the reality.  The shallower me that likes cool wolfy eyes prefers this version.

As always thoughts and criticisms are welcome.


5 thoughts on “A Wolf and Photoshop.

  1. This is a great retouched photo. I do love the intensity of the face (after cropping) as well as the brightness of the fur that matches the eyes of the wolf. As I am such a novice to even the DSLR, I don’t know if I am out of line by saying this, but the original looks like it has a filter on it almost (more blue). I like the retouched image 🙂 Nice work! I haven’t even attempted Photoshop!

  2. You are correct, the original does have a grey/blue tint to it.

    I actually hadn’t really noticed it until I did this version.

    I think it’s partially due to the mentioned grey and dull day that it was and (probably more so to be honest) introduced by me in my original run through photoshop.

    I use the raw format, and being the untrained dabbler that I am, sometimes the results are better than others.

    The more I look at it the more I prefer this version, I think I may spend some time and re–re-touch the original.

    Thanks for commenting.

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