Dwarf Crocodile at Bristol Zoo.

Not exactly an imaginative title, but accurate nonetheless.

This is a West African Dwarf Crocodile, a resident at Bristol Zoo.

This shot was taken a few months ago, and it is one of my favourites from that day.

For the record, I love reptiles.  They are a bit of an obsession with me.  If it was up to me I would have a house full of them.

However my wife thinks otherwise.

The interesting thing about looking at these photos again is that sometimes I will kick myself when I see a trick missed.

In this case, I didn’t really notice until I ran the RAW file through photoshop how clear the croc’s reflection was.  If I had noticed that on the day I would have had the crock + reflection much more central in the view.

But its a lesson learned, and there is always next time.


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