Rhino Safari! At a Safari Park!


This weekend saw an adventure to the West Midlands Safari Park.


I say adventure, because looking after two young nieces and nephews while 10000 other families attempt to look after their children is, indeed, an adventure.


So given my priorities were keeping a 4 and 7-year-old safe and sound and out of the mouths of ravenous reindeer, I had to content myself with whatever photographic opportunities presented themselves.


Having said that, I am genuinely pleased with what I managed to get.  The Giraffes, bovines of various sorts and (my favourites) the wolves were generally quite helpful in their choice of modelling pose.


This Rhino was very close to the car (reach out and touch distance…quite cool with an animal that huge), but I had fitted my 70-200l in anticipation of more long ranged shots.  With no time to change the lens (did I mention excited children?) I had to content myself with this eyeful.


I went for the B&W look in the hopes it would make for a slightly more interesting shot, I quite like it.  I will probably post the color version at some point.


Still, enjoy a mean and moody Rhino!


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