Seagulls. Two of Them.

I was trying to think  of a snappy and profound title for this entry, then I gave up.


These two fellows were waiting to steal a few fish from the put upon seals at the National Seal sanctuary in Cornwall.

Despite that they are technically pests I have a lot of admiration for the Gull.  They are certainly handsome looking birds, and I like their take-no-crap attitude.

Apparently their numbers are declining, while I am not about to disagree with the scientists who study these animals, I would suggest they stop looking so much on the coasts and look inland.  I suspect that there is no town/city in the UK without a significant population.

I digress slightly from the point of this entry to comment that earlier this year I saw several gulls attack and chase off a very confused Kestrel.  Since this was happening in the landlocked midlands of the UK, I think that Kestrel had every right to be upset.


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